Workity work

Well, I am slowly working on finishing up the last of te recap of my year of near silence, but I got to some tricky stuff that is upsetting to think about, so it's slowing me down. However, I am a trooper, an I will eventually get it all out.

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In happier news: I had an awesome birthday! The boy made me a Sailor Starlight (he bought us a binary star set, aka two stars that orbit each other in the sky--our stars are in the constellation of Taurus!) for my birthday, and at my party I was given many books (yay reading!!), some delightful LUSH presents, chocolates and coffee and some other delightful stuff! I was pleasantly surprised--I don't invite people to birthday parties for presents, but I'm not going to lie--I do love them! XD It was a really good birthday, an I am really thankful for such awesome friends.

I went shopping before my party, to hopefully buy a Vivienne Westwood orb necklace....ended up getting NOTHING and buying a Gramm dress instead. It's a halter top styled dress and super fun to wear! Very short on me, so I wear shorts under it. I later found a H.jelly dress online that I am going to pick up this weekend--summer goth/punk style is coming. XD because that is how I roll, apparently.

Well, that's all from me. This weekend is some fun rp time over the Internet with college buddies, next weekend is a magical adventure to Costco and giant burgers with that guy I live with, and after that is a Disney weekend.

Ahh, so busy! And I still have several boxes to unpack!

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Happy thoughts

I finished reading Stephen King's A Wind Through the Keyhole today. Only took me 24 hours to read. It's a stand alone-ish piece from the Dark Tower. In it, Roland tells a story within a story. As ever, it reminded me of WHY I loved the series, the rich and plentiful mythos is a place I like to visit. My favorite things to read about in fiction are fallen civilizations, dying magic and ruins of technology, and dystopian futures. The Dark Tower has always satisfied that craving.

Anyway, several months ago I bought this book (one of the shortest Kind novels I've read!), and meant to devour it straight away. But I put it on a shelf, and forgot about it until I started packing for the move. I'm so glad I found it now, it was a welcome post-move read. And it was a good story, one of which I may modify as a bedtime story for my own children, should I have them.

I was thinking today, how nice it is to come home to someone. I'm insufferably annoying on the subject of the boy, and I know it. And I hope someday all my friends who want to find this sort of happiness do! Because after living here so long, I finally feel like I actually have a home. I've been aping at making a home for myself here in Japan for years, but it actually feels like a home now. Or at least the start of one. Once I get all these boxes unpacked and sorted through, it will be much more homelike, I am sure.

Also? I feel my creativity returning. I've started a short story, something which I haven't been able to manage in a very long time.

I finally feel like I'm making the right choices.

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The Hiko Lies

I was going to post this weekend, but I got very caught up in things! Mostly, I spent the weekend unpacking, watching stuff on YouTube (TMNT 2 is on YouTube in it's entirety!!), shopping at Costco (booooo no poptarts!!), and I have no idea what I did yesterday. XD Did I even leave the house?

So, some updates!

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That's all for now. Next time, I will talk about the South Africa Fiasco, update on family stuff, and talk about the new job.

(Added note: I promise I'll post some happier thoughts next time!!)

Tata, my darlings!!

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I actually have time to do use this again! I have a post that I am working on, which will be a pretty big update on my life and doings.

Until then, I shall say this. I have moved to Yokohama (that's right, land of China and Costco), I am living with that awesome boyfriend of mine, and I am happy.

That's right, I'm happy. WHAT GIVES. XD

Anyway, I will hopefully get to typing up the long version of events this weekend. Meanwhile . . . . .


Happy New Year

I've had a pretty crazy up and down year. I've pent all of it with an amazing guy that I can call my boyfriend, and am making plans to live with him come March. I went to Africa and Dubai, I saw sunrise in the desert and animals in the wild. I also got really sick, lost a friend and cried.

But you know what? There are a lot of people in my life who make every day worth living and worth fighting for. And I would not give up one second of this life for them.

I may not be the child I once was, but I am starting to like what my future and adulthood might just have in store for me. There are bumpy roads ahead, to be sure, but I think I have some of the best people in my life to start heading down the road of my future with.

Happy New Year, everyone. May this one be beautiful and bright!


I'm on a bus to Tokyo right now. I have an interview at 10 a.m. And then my flight leaves at 4:40 p.m.

I am excited and nervous about this holiday. YAY because I get to see all my friends and family at home (and I get to plan a friend's trip to Japan!), and nervous because OMG BRINGING THE BOY HOME.

But it'll be good. I love this guy, and I know that's just half of what my family needs to hear to like him. Hopefully his sparkling British wit will charm them even more.

All I know is I can't wait to see him again. I miss being in his arms!

Ta, lj. I will be using you more over Christmas break. THANK GOD NO MORE WORK YAY. (Until next year, anyway....)

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It's been a rather long time since I posted. I've been so busy, between work and seeing the boy (this weekend will make it one year since I met him) and just general not being at work.....I spend more hours at work then anywhere else. It's tiresome. But that means this journal has grown dusty.

Not much has been going on though! The boy and I are doing very well together. We are still super ridiculously happy about each other, and dare I say we are in love? It's weird to say, sort of. We've certainly said "I love you" often enough. I drop it a lot, but that's just me--I tell people I love them sometimes when the do something silly. I do that to him too, but then there are moments when we are doing nothing at all that I am just overwhelmed with emotion towards him, and the words come tumbling out. And they are true words--I do love him. There is nothing about him that I don't love, save his aversion to dogs. But hey, we all make compromises in relationships. And we've come to an agreement on dogs, so's all right.

Work is overwhelming. I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to do everything I need or want to do! And sometimes I am just....lost. I want to coast but I can't, there is just TOO MUCH to get don't to coast, ever. Lunch needs to be wolfed down so you can start working on whatever craft you are making in class, or to work on what you need to make for Christmas concert which is a nightmare unto itself this year. At the moment I've managed to get ahead in my craft making prep, but that took me until 8:20 this evening. And the. There are just the day to day things that need done as well. It's rough.

As for my health....I am sort of getting better. Aside from a set back/flare up, I am actually doing quite well. Gotta see the doc again on Friday though. But at least I am fairly certain that we know what it is now. Which is good. I think. Still, it's a little rough but I feel so much better 90% of the time. I'll take it. Hopefully, I can make some life changes in March that will make me feel better ALL the time.

Then there are money troubles which are....aggravating. I used to be so very on top of things, but getting sick and then other things have gotten the best of me. I hate it. I make a decent wage, I shouldn't feel the crunch that I do. Alas. That said, I'm not as hard up as I could be, I've managed to afford two big trips this year. I suppose if I didn't travel so much, I wouldn't have this problem. (Seeing the boy is also very costly but so very, very worthwhile. Around him, I'm pretty much running at 99% ok)

These are the things that are on my mind. There's also been fallout from the destruction of a friendship that has crashed and burned and been pretty much ruined, which has stressed me out and made me feel awful. I don't really want to go into the details one more time. But I am somewhat horrified that I was apart of he destruction of something that had at one point lead to meeting my pretty amazing and fantastic boyfriend.

As for the boy...that relationship is so fantastic...I am really and truly blessed there. To have someone in my life like him....lucky doesn't do it justice.

A sweet update <3

So yeah, I could post about stuff like my health still being crappy and whatnot, but I am too tired. Instead, I shall just post my random facebook status here, and say that I am alive and kicking. Some days are better then others.

Me: We're going to adopt.
Him: We are?
Me: Yes. Uchiha Obito. [pause] I know he's not real but he needs all the hugs.
Him: Okay.
[long pause]
Me: I don't know what to make of your silence.
Him: I don't think it's a safe idea to raise a child who can do genjutsu (create illusions). "Son, did you do your homework?" "Sure thing, Dad." "Excellent son."
Me: "These are not the droids you are looking for?"
Him: Exactly.

This is why I love this man. <3

My health is still crappy

So I owe the world a load of Dubai and Africa pictures, but I have been legitimately and seriously ill for the past month and a half. When I get home, all I want to do is forget my life, talk to the boy or escape into fantasy. Recently, the fantasy has been reading Stephen King novels--HOLY CRAP, It is AMAZING. It's like 20th Century Boys. Well, more like 20th Century Boys is like It. It probably comes as no surprise to a lot of my friends that I pretty much ADORE Stephen King, so my enjoyment of It comes as no surprise. To find that it also reminds me of one of my all time favorite manga? Makes me wish I'd read it sooner! But it is still making me happy.

I won't say much about work--sufficient to say some things have not improved and is only making my physical condition worse. As to the health problems.....better than when I started, but more of a plateau then improvement. I would explain, but I think it's sufficient to say it was NOT e.coli. Or maybe that just set off a chain reaction. In any case, there have been indicators previously of symptoms, but while serious at the moment (some things are just unpleasant), it's not going to kill me. I have a feeling I'm in for some medical unpleasantness in the month ahead, so your prayers and good will would be much obliged.

All of this brings me to the crux of the matter--my boyfriend is pretty amazing. He's worried, he asks about my health when we talk....he knows some details but some things you just don't tell your significant other. No matter how gross the detail and you feel the need to share. And yeah, Mom, I have spared you and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD the grossest detail. (until the doctor inevitably asks again, and unlike before I can answer, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I WISH I DID NOT KNOW).

But my boyfriend....he's pretty awesome. We've been dating for almost an entire year now (December 11th is the anniversary of our first date, we are headed to Disney for the anniversary of where we first met--and also where he first kissed me). It's been this amazing journey, in life and in our relationship. It hits me sometimes--with all the absolute shit that has hit us in the past month--my illness, someone we considered important to us both dropping from our lives, tiny little arguments here an there.....I don't think I would trade ANY of my time with him to change history. I thought about it from a new perspective tonight and was blown away. We'll see if I can't actually stick with this revelation--I AM human, and I do err. Honestly though, my concern is getting healthy--hopefully within the next month, I can do that.

But somehow....I met this guy. And he was kinda okay. But then I saw he was reading a Forgotten Realms novel. And I knew then that I wanted to talk to him more than the others I came with--I saw him as a kindred spirit who knew what a tabletop game was, and what a d20 was.

What I didn't know then, was that eventually? I'd fall in love with him as well.

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